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The Seducers (1969) [DVD+R]

The Seducers (1969) [DVD+R]

English audio - DVD Quality

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Directected by Ottavio Alessi

Italy 1968

- Rosalba Neri
- Edwige Fenech
- Ewa Thullin

There are five monstrous characters on board a yacht : Mudy, the owner, rich, strong, opressed by the rage of having a son who is abnormal,  Tony ; Paola and Aldo, ready to do anything to climb up the social ladder and get hold of an oil concession from Mudy ; finally there is Ulla, a young girl who has been engaged to excite Tony by sexual shock, and bring him back to normal. Classic Euro movie !

Some scenes are in Italian audio with English subtitles

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The Seducers (1969)   [DVD+R]

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