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Roma come Chigaco [DVD+R] NO ARTWORK

Roma come Chigaco [DVD+R] NO ARTWORK

German audio - widescreen - Source: TV

Rome like Chicago / Mord auf der Via Veneto
Italy 1968
Directed by Alberto de Martino
Music by  Ennio Morricone

Starring John Cassavetes, Gabriele Ferzetti, Luigi Pistilli.

The film begins with the attack on the Rome Post Office at the main railway station, by Eriko and Corda. The police are on the scene at once. Meanwhile the thieves separate. Next they carry out a robbery in a super-market. Vice Commissary Pascutti is killed in the shooting and while Eriko manages to escape, Corda is arrested and put in prison. With the help of a notorious fence, Colangeli, everything is arranged for his escape. But meanwhile Eriko discovers that Corda wants to carry out another robbery before fleeing abroad: Eriko takes the initiative himself, and robs a jewelry and kills them. The police quess who the killer is, and with Corda’s help, who meantime got out of prison, they succeed in putting an end of the most tragic pagis in italian banditry.

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Roma come Chigaco   [DVD+R]  NO ARTWORK