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Machine Gun McCain [DVD+R]

Machine Gun McCain [DVD+R]

The untouchables
Gli Intoccabili

directed by Giuliano Montaldo

music by Ennio Morricone
Italy 1968

Genre: Maffia / Crime

Starring :
- Peter Falk
- Britt Ekland
- John Cassavetes
- Florinda Balkan
Don Salvatore Modena, Don Francesco De Marco, Carlo Bonadies and Luciano Gramigna are the heads of an orginisation which has agents all over the United States. Charlie Adamo, head of the West Coast, goes from
San Francisco to Las Vegas to ask Abe Stiberman to give him a share in the Casino Royal. Dispite Adamo's threats, Stiberman refuses, and tells his bosses. Meanwhile Adamo doesn't give up, and makes a plan to rob
the Casino's armoured car of two million dollars. He makes an agreement with  McCain's son Jack; McCain is just out of prison, but although he agrees to take part in the robbery, he doesn't trust Adamo. When Adamo's men kill  his son McCain prepares a terrific plan and steals the 2 million dollar himself.
Now the organisation is after McCain.

English audio - dutch subtitled - Source:VHS


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Machine Gun McCain   [DVD+R]

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