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Even Angels eat beans [DVD]

Even Angels eat beans [DVD]

cast: Bud Spencer & Giuliano Gemma

Anche gli angeli mangiano fagioli

directed by Enzo Barboni ( E.B. Clucher )
Italy / Fr / Sp  1972

Gangster / Comedy
label: DFW,Holland

English audio
- optional dutch subtitles
- widescreen

Two nice guys, a wrestler (Bud Spencer) and an Ice-cream vendor (Giuliano Gemma) are mistaken for dangerous killers by an important local gangster, whose nickname is "Sorriso". With the help of many funny coincidences they play along with Sorriso "working" for him, just to survive, but, when they receive the order to butcher the components of a very indigent family they are unmasked and...

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Even Angels eat beans  [DVD]

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