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Der Bastard (1968) [DVD]

Der Bastard (1968) [DVD]

starring Giuliano Gemma & Klaus Kinski

The Bastards / I Bastardi  / The Cats / Sons of Satan

directed by Duccio Tessari

- Giuliano Gemma
- Klaus Kinski
- Rita Hayworth
- Margaret Lee
- Claudine Auger

Jason a thief wants to take everything from his brother,Adam, a thief as well, including his wife, Karen. Adam’s men follow them and in the meanwhile Jason discovers that Karen is Adam’s accomplice. Adam tears the sinews of his brother right hand and Jason will take his revenge in robbing a bank which was originally the plan of his brother. With the loot he hastens of to Mexico to meet Karen and they make plans to free her from Adam. Karen tells Adam of Jason plans. Adam is furious on his brother once again.

German Audio

label: VZ
Genre: Crime / Maffia
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Der Bastard (1968) [DVD]