All NTSC / All DVD' s play on Pal Region DVD' s except NTSC/1,
unless your DVD player is Region Free.

DVD' s are always English language ,new , unless mentioned otherwise
Blu-ray are always Region B (Europe) or Region free, unless mentioned otherwise.

DVD Listing.
First the most English title is mentioned ( because a foreign DVD title does not say much)
If the picture clearly shows who stars in it , i prefer to mention the Audio or Region code because not all info can be given with the specification. If you want to know more - klick on the article and more details are displayed.

Are DVD discs PAL or NTSC ?
Most NTSC players can't play PAL discs.
So, if you have a NTSC only DVD player you will NOT be able to play a PAL disc
unless you use a standards converter box.
DVD discs are still either PAL or NTSC standard. Also, similar to multisystem VCRs, DVD players will not convert video standards. When you're playing an NTSC-standard DVD, it will output an NTSC signal. When you're playing a PAL-standard DVD, it will output a PAL signal.
There are two ways to watch both PAL and NTSC DVDs. You can either view your DVDs on a multisystem TV, or purchase a Tenlab video converter to convert your DVD player's output signal. A multisystem TV has the ability to receive and display both PAL and NTSC video signals. A Tenlab video converter would receive a video signal and convert the signal into the desired video standard. So if you wanted to watch a PAL DVD disc and you had only an NTSC television, the Tenlab converter could convert the signal from PAL to NTSC, which would then be viewable on your television.( for USA costumers )

All Videotapes are new unless mentioned otherwise
All Videotapes are English language unless mentioned otherwise