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Apache Kid [DVD]

Apache Kid [DVD]

audio: English,Italian,Spanish or German

White Apache / L'Apache Bianco
directed by Bruno Mattei
Italy / Spain 1984
cast: Sebastian Harrison - Lola Forner - Charlie Bravo - Albert Farley

Label: SUEVA

Outlaws attack a band of settlers and kill everyone except a pregnant woman who's rescued by a band of Indians. The woman dies giving birth but Chief White Bear adopts her male baby, naming him "Shining Sky" (Sebastian Harrison), and raising him as brother to his own son, Black Wolf. The boys grow up together and good-naturedly compete for the affections of pretty Rising Star.

In a competition, Shining Sky accidentally kills Black Wolf, is forced from the tribe, and finds work in a nearby town where he pretends to be a mute. A townswoman named Isabella (Cinzia de Ponti) flirts with him but when he spurns her she yells "Rape!" Bart Ryder, henchman of the local "Colonel," runs Shining Sky out of town, hangs him by the wrists, and leaves him to die. Crazy Bull (Charles Borromel) rescues Shining Sky and takes him back to the Indian village where he's reunited with Rising Star (Lola Forner). Ryder, however, seeks to finish the job of killing the "White Apache."

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Apache Kid  [DVD]