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Renegade gunfighter [DVD+R]

Renegade gunfighter [DVD+R]

audio: English or German - widescreen - Source:VHS

Per mille dollari al giorno
For a thousand dollars a day
1966 Italy / Spain

- Zachary Hatcher
- Dick Palmer
- Jose Calvo
- Ruben Rojo

English language Widescreen audiodubbed print Source: VHS

or German language Widescreen Source: VHS

The Clark Brothers have taken over the possession of the Valley of the Sun, driving away the legal owners and killing those who tried to resist. Hud, who's parents were killed flees to the mountains where Carranza, the legendary shooter of New Mexico is living, but he now is paralytic.
Here the young man learns to kill. When the pupil is better than his master Hud goes back to his home town to seek his revenge even though Steve, the new sheriff, and an old friend, warns him not to try and see justice done alone. Hud cleverly makes the Clark brothers afraid and he is hired as a bodyguard, for a thousand dollars a day.

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Renegade gunfighter   [DVD+R]