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Rio Hondo Der Weisse Comanche [DVD]

Rio Hondo Der Weisse Comanche [DVD]

White Commanche

E Venne l'Ora della Vendetta

Directed by José Britz

starring William Shatner

In the same year the Comanche Indians are forced onto an Oklahoma reservation by the U.S. Government, a pair of twins are born to a white woman and a fierce Commanche warrior. Together the boys grow and play as brothers do, though they are ostracized by both their white and Comanche peers. But once the twins reach their manhood, they begin to change. One brother decides to lead the Comanche people into a bloody uprising against the whites; the other is forced to track his brother down and challenge him to a duel that pits the two twins against each other in a life-or-death battle.

audio: English - German

1.66:1 (16:9 an)

€ 16.95

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Rio Hondo Der Weisse Comanche  [DVD]