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The Adventures of Hercules (4 DVD ) [NTSC-1]

The Adventures of Hercules (4 DVD ) [NTSC-1]

This pack has got the following seven movies:

1.Hercules vs. the Hydra.- Hercules (Mickey Hargitay, Mr. Universe) falls in love with the pretty and exuberant Queen Dianira (Jayne Mansfiel), he struggles with the Amazons and their wicked Queen Hippolyta, the death of this one is impressive when a previous lover, now reincarnated as tree, embraces her to death in a fantastic forest of former lovers, now trees. Here the Greek mythology is overflowing and Hercules must fight in a cave with a Hydra of three heads, later with a Cyclops, etc. Watch the force of the hero when he lifts a heavy trunk to throw down an enormous door and when he takes the heavy wheel of a cart to attack his enemies. The film does not have a moment of boredom. Plenty of action and...also love.

2.Hercules vs.the sons of the sun.- Hercules (Mark Forest) arrives in a beach of the Inca Empire, his ship has sunk,(a journey through time?) suddenly he is attacked by a group of warriors and the prince Maytha (Giuliano Gemma) helps him fighting against the Atahualpa's warriors . Later Hercules instructs his new friends and teaches them the arts of war to defeat the cruel usurper Atahualpa and as they do not know the wheel yet, neither the catapults nor the towers of assault, he is the adviser, so that his friends build them. After rescuing the beautiful Princess Yamara, sister of Prince Maytha, who was on the verge of being sacrified by the wicked Atahualpa, Hercules leads the assault of the city walls with the new machines of war, defeating the tyrant Atahualpa after a duel to death in palace. Ultimately, as a symbol the condor flies freely over the Andes mountains.

3.Medusa vs. the S.O.H.- A myth-adventure epic, with Perseus (Richard Harrison) and his struggle against the Medusa, the Gorgon of Greek mythology, a female monster with snakes for hair, her only lighted eye turns men into stone when they gaze at her head. There is also another frightening monster, a man-eating dragon, also used in Fire monsters against the S.O.H. It is stunning, unforgettable that valley of petrified men, the victims of Medusa, that misty swamp and the awesome Medusa moving back and forward, all surrounded by lunar rocks. Richard Harrison performs the main role, he acted as gladiator in other films (The invincible gladiator, Messalina against the S.O.H.). All the cast is very convincing in this movie.

4.Lion of Thebes.- After the war of Troy, Menelaus and Helen (Yvonne Furneaux) return to Sparta but their ship crashes off the shore of Egypt. The beautiful Helen and her loyal guard Aryon (Mark Forest) manage to come to Thebes, where Pharaoh Ramses is on the edge of war with Menophis, master of the Lower Egypt. Ramses falls in love with Helen, but misfortune pursues Helen again, Ramses is murdered and Helen and Aryon are accused of the murder. Only the herculean force and skill of Aryon overcomes the intrigues of the sly councelor of Ramses, Tutmes (Massimo Serato), who plotted the assassination. Later Menophis' archers punish the greed of the reappeared Menelaus, who seems to be more intrested in getting the exchequer of the Pharaohs than recovering his wife Helen. And finally, the new Pharaoh Menophis says goodbye to the couple Aryon/Helen that return to Sparta, as true lovers.

5. The Triumph of Hercules.- Here Hercules is Dan Vadis, also seen in The Rebel Gladiator, that shows strength and dexterity like a boxer, flexibility and speed as a karateist. Watch his fights against the seven bronze men that the magician Pasiphae has conjured up. After, Hercules recieves again his lost strength from Jove (Jupiter) that he had lost before due to an unjust act, he succeeds in breaking the walls of the cave and destroys the bronze bunch for ever. There is an unexpected final scene, very thrilling, when the usurper Prince Milo and his mother, the witch Pasiphae, face up to a fatal destiny and gravity force punish them, while Hercules saves the life of the true Princess Ate (Marilu Tolo). The movie has a splendid color, an exciting tournament in the arena and from time to time a bit of humour.

6. Hercules vs. the Moloch.- The savage cult to Moloch was a former and Barbarian Carthaginian habit in the North of Africa and it takes place in Mycene (ancient Greek city) in this movie. The young and beautiful maiden offered to be sacrified is placed horizontally on a stone surface inside a grotto while a satanic priest begins the ceremony, later a very mad big fellow, the sadistic reincarnation of god Moloch comes in, he wears a wolf mask, inside the cave several young women, with morbid and sexy look, accompany him, then the masked man destroys the face of the laid woman with his long fingernails, and so is to loose her beauty and do not offend the sight of the maniac. This exciting scene and another one of the end when Hercules enters the cave, while there is an earthquake, to fight with the mask man are difficult to forget. Gordon Scott, seen also in Tarzan films, achieves an skilful performance with feats of strength, gladiatorial combats and military tricks to lead the rebellion against the evel Queen Demetra, mother of Moloch. Later the rightful heir to the throne Princess Medea falls in love with the film's heroe

7. The Troyan Horse.- This spectacular movie is based on The Iliada by Homero and narrates the history of the assault to the city of Troy (today NW of Turkey), after Hector's death. After months of siege, combats and internal struggles, Ulysses devises the stratagem of the empty wooden horse. Steve Reeves does the role of Aeneas and shows a splendid physique. He fights with Ayax (Mimmo Palmara) in a challenge. Afterwards he battles Aquiles, but a poisoned arrow hits Aquiles' ankle causing his death. The movie has magnificent sequences of battle, good photography and elegant designs of sets and wardrobes

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The Adventures of Hercules (4 DVD ) [NTSC-1]