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They call me Hallelujah (DVD) (NTSC-2)

They call me Hallelujah (DVD) (NTSC-2)


Testa T'ammazzo, Croce... Sei Morto... Mi Chiamano Alleluja (1971)
Heads i kill you...tails your dead !
Guns for Dollars
Mann nennt mich Hallelujah

Director: Giuliano Carnimeo

Cast: George Hilton - Charles Southwood - Agata Flori - Federico Boido

Hallelujah is a gunman hired by a Mexican revolutionary officer, General Ramirez. His mission is to confiscate a case of jewels escorted by Emperor Maximilian’s trusted assastant, Alexi. These valuable gems are intended as payment for a machine gun sold by an unscrupolous arms trafficker named Duke Kranz.
The exchange is scheduled to take place at a remote monastery ( a clever front ), but when the jewels turn out to be counterfeit, a bloodbath results.

Audio: Italian, English

subtitles: Japanese,Italian,English

widescreen version

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They call me Hallelujah (DVD) (NTSC-2)

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