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Voodoo Black Exorcist(1973) - DVD [NTSC-0]

Voodoo Black Exorcist(1973) - DVD [NTSC-0]

starring Aldo Sambrell and Tanyeka Stadler

Vudú Sangriento

directed by Manuel Cano
Year: 1974
English audio
- digitally remasterd

This dude means business, so watch out ! Archaeologists exhume the mummified body of a Haitian voodoo priest and ancient ladies man, who was killed and entombed several centuries ago after stealing another man's woman. But when they try ship him home in the cargo of a cruise ship, the still-angry brother returns to life, terrorizing passengers and embarking on a ruthless trail of death and decapitation. A blaxploitation classic !

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Voodoo Black Exorcist(1973) - DVD [NTSC-0]