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La notte dei Diavoli [DVD]

La notte dei Diavoli [DVD]

Night of the Devils

La notte dei Diavoli
La Noche de los Diablos
Demonen der Nacht

Director: Giorgio Ferroni
Spain / Italy 1972
Genre: Horror

- Gianni Garko
- Agostina Belli
- Terese Gimpera
- Roberto Maldera

label: Raro Video
audio: Italian, English  

- an.widescreen  

- Region Free Pal

Looking at the same short story which had inspired the episode the wurdalak in bava’s black sabbath, Ferroni was able to make a totally autonomous movie, where certain night-of-the-living-dead-style atmosphere are filterred in a most personal way. In order not to simply replicate bava’s classic, Ferroni chose to set the story in our time, in a sinister, decaying Yugoslavia, and to play, as far as possible, the realistic card. The Wurdalaks themselves are depicted in a new way, as extremely impressive and (un) believable sex-and-blood-lusty zombies.

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La notte dei Diavoli  [DVD]

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