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Spirits of Death [DVD]

Spirits of Death [DVD]

Italian audio - German,English subtitles

Un Bianco Vestito per Mariale

Director: Romano Scavolini

- Ida Galli
- Ivan Rassimov
- Luigi Pistilli

audio: Italian
- Subtitles, German,English  

label: Camera Obscura
factory sealed DVD

As a child, Mariale had to witness the unspeakable: Her father catches her mother lying in the arms of her young lover and decides to end this affair with a shotgun. Many years later, the traumatized little Mariale has grown into a beautiful young woman. She spends her life in her wary husband's secluded castle, with barely any contact to the outside world. One day, she decides to bring a little joy to her life and invites a group of old friends to spend the weekend in her gothic home. When the decadent party culminates in a boundless orgy, the first dead body turns up. And this is only the shocking beginning of a blood red night of epic elegance...

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Spirits of Death  [DVD]

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