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The Magician (1926)- DVD [NTSC-0]

The Magician (1926)- DVD [NTSC-0]

Director: Rex Ingram

Stars: Alice Terry, Paul Wegener, Firmin Gémier

English audio

- fullframe

- B&W

- NTSC / 0

The heart blood of a virgin. That's what deranged medical student Oliver Haddo needs for his malevolent scheme to create life. He finds it in a lovely sculptor he hypnotizes and spirits off to an ancient sorcerer's tower, preparing to rip her heart from her living body. Filmmaker Rex Ingram  cast his wife and frequent leading lady Alice Terry and Paul Wegener, who terrified movie audiences in The Golem, in this seminal horror-fantasy film based on a novel by W. Somerset Maugham.
Bizarre, nightmarish, enhanced by top production values and elegant European locations, The Magician is a must for any fan of the horror genre - or of imaginative moviemaking.

Warner Brothers Archive Collection

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The Magician (1926)- DVD [NTSC-0]