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His name was Sam Wallach [DVD+R]

His name was Sam Wallach [DVD+R]

Dutch subtitled - English audio

His name was Sam Wallash, but they call him Amen

Era Sam Wallash...lo chiamavano Cosi Sia !

italy 1971
directed by Demofilio Fidani

- Robert Woods
- Dean Stratford
- Dennis Colt
- Gordon Mitchell
- Lincoln Tate
- Peter Martell
- Simone Blondell

English audio dutch subtitled  

source : VHS

Mash Donavan together with his men rule a small town in the west, anyone who dares to raise his voice in protest of rebellion is immediately killed. In one of many shoot-outs Sam Wallash, also known as Cosi Sia, is wounded, and one of his best friends is killed. Sam swears to revenge his death, tended by Margie and her father, as soon as he is able he begins the hunt to find the killers, but yet he is stopped by a brutal beating in the saloon, carried out by Donovan’s men. The violence and the killings continue. At last, slowly Sam begins his revenge : With a steady hand and cool nerves, the enemies and the men hired to kill him gegin to fall, until they are all dead…

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His name was Sam Wallach   [DVD+R]