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Django's cut price corpses [DVD+R]

Django's cut price corpses [DVD+R]

Dutch subtitled - Source : TV - English audio

Ancher per Django le carogne hanno un prezzo
Auch Djangos Kopf hat seinen Preis.

Starring :
- Jeff Cameron
- John Desmont
- Gengher Gatti
- William Major

Directed by Luigi Batzella
Italy 1971

Jeff Cameron is Django.He's after the notorious bank-robbing Cortez brothers led by Ramon (Edilo Kim).
But a Wells Fargo detective and professional gambler named Fulton (William Major) convinces him to hold off the showdown until the two of them discover the whereabouts of the famous Cortez gold mine.

English language
- dutch subtitled
- Widescreen

Source: TV broadcast

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Django's cut price corpses   [DVD+R]