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Fratello Mare - DVD

Fratello Mare - DVD

Brother Sea / Italian Audio

Director: Folco Quilici
Label: San Paolo
Factory Sealed DVD
Genre: Documentary
Country: Italy
Year: 1975

Director Folco Quilici started shooting this documentary on marine locations in the 1950's and finished it in the 1970's. Long believed lost, after restoration by the Italian Cineteca, a digital version is finally available for rediscovery.

BROTHER SEA  focuses on the tourism that is plundering one of the heavens on Earth: in this case, Polynesia. Through his personal recollections, the protagonist, an old fisherman, gives life to his relationship with the seaside and the social evolution of his homeland. With great bitterness, he bears witness to the unscrupulous exploitation of the islands by foreign businessmen.

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Fratello Mare   - DVD